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Hello.  Guido?

Yeah, this is Guido.  Who’s callin’?

It’s Vito, Guido.

Oh, Vito, yeah.  To what do I owe this honor?

Well, Guido, I gotta favor I wanna ask from you.

Sure, Vito, what’s up?

You know Zito, eh!?

Yeah, I know Zito.  So, what’s up with Zito?

Well, you know his son, Rico, eh!?

Yeah, I know Rico.  What’s up with Rico?

Well, it’s come to my attention that Rico may be runnin’ around wid  … uh … wid people he shouldn’t be  … uh … runnin’ around wid, if you get my meanin’ …

So, it’s Rico that’s the problem and, you wann us to … like … do the necessary?

No, no!  It ain’t mainly Rico we’re concerned about.  It’s Zito.  Y’see, he’s makin’ noises about leadership of the family, stirrin’ things up, if y’know what I mean, and this ain’t gonna be healthy for any of us.

Yeah, I getcha.  So, you wann us to do the necessary with Zito?

Naah!  Too dangerous.  But, if we could get the word around in the family that Rico’s got a … a … y’know, a “bad smell”  … and Zito’s protecting him … then Zito’s got a major bad-smell problem himself, and we could use that to keep a lid on things.

On things?

Y’know, on Zito!

Oh, yeah, I sorta see whatcha mean, but, y’know, “bad smell” don’t really … y’know, I mean, we all got it … so …

Yeah, but that’s only part of the whole picture.  I mean, Zito’s workin’ with other parties … if ya know what I mean … to, uhh … how can I put it? … to, uhh, deodorize the Rico thing.

Yeah, I see, so all this helps Zito make a power play!?

You got it!

So, maybe you and me should have a face-to-face to … like … discuss how we proceed?!

Naaah!  Too obvious.  Too dangerous.  I gotta keep myself above the … uhh … above the … uhh …


That goes without saying.  I mean above the … uhhh … oh yeah, above the fray, ‘cause we gotta lotta factions and, these days, ya gotta manage that, ya can’t just … uhh … how can I put it?  Let’s just say the cement-shoe-days are over … get my drift?

Yeah.  So whatta we do?

Well, I’m gonna have my consigliere … I think you know ‘im … Giulio … I’m gonna have him meet with you guys.  He knows how to deal.  He was in politics until he came over to our side …

Politics, eh?  Yeah, now that I think of it, I seen him on TV a few times.

Yeah, anyway, he knows how to handle things without the … y’know … without the rough stuff.

So, he could come over to my place and we could have a chat.

Aaah, too exposed.  We gotta be careful.  I got an idea.  Some of your guys have been to Spain, right?


So send somebody you trust, and they can meet Giulio there.

What?  Why not our place?  You don’t trust it.  You think maybe we’re bugged?

You can never be too careful!

Same applies to you, too, right!?  I mean, how do I know that this ain’t gonna show up on the front pages tomorrow?

Trust me.  I got this place locked up tighter than Sing Sing.

Yeah, Sing Sing.  I spent a week there one day.

I didn’t and I’m not gonna, and you’re gonna help make sure I don’t!

You’re the boss.

You got that right!