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Note: I recently received this e-mail and am not certain how to proceed.  I think it’s a hoax, but it does include some information that might … just might … possibly contain a grain or two of truth.  Just in case, would any of you be in a position to advance me a bit of money (cash only, please) if I decide to accede to the sender’s demand?  Thanks to all.

Dear Friend,

Let us to the point directly get.  I am having your password — ABCD12345 — (which, let me make comment, I am thinking is incredulous stupidness and most see-throughingly obvious; if, once your obligation, as denotabled below, is filled up, I can be at your service to help you make more opaqueness in protecting against someone actually like me myself).  

Why am I giving you this informations, this is something you may be wondering?  Well, as I can say, I have entered you by the avenue of your password, and have installed in your insides a malware which has keeped — and still it is keeping, and will be keeping until certain activities on the part of you are undertook — a video record of your internet journeyings.

These are inclusive numerable adult sights with many nakeds and enterings and even some devices said to make for pleasurableness.  (Also there is a snake, but I am thinking that possible this is what you call nature program.)  I am quite unbelievable how many oftens you have visit these internet sightings, but I am not doing judging — this is excludingly practical proposition and not moralness or making judgmentalisms.

So, you have two choice-makings: (1) You will ignore this and go on businessing your life as usual and not paying the amount I will be saying to you in #2 option; or, (#2 option), you will give me $3,000 and I will not make knowledge to your family and friends the viewing of the nakeds and all the other gatherings of playing with body parts.

If, with considerable wiseliness, you choose #2 option, you will be making pay with bitcoin and sending to 1potato2pOtato3PoTaTo4 (to stop and making note that this is example of very security password).  If you do not know the buying of bitcoin, Google can information you how to make purchase of this thing.  You should not waste time trying to trace payment, which is defying all traceabilities.

Then, you will be happily going on your business like something like this never happened, and no person will know how amazing time-wastingness you are taking for the nakeds, and I will eliminate all videos and even send you message, proving by saying, that I have made a nothingness of the videos.  

But then now, if you decide unwisedly to make ignorance of my offer, you must be informationed that I have your completely e-mail addresses book, and I will make a sending of your sexiness habituals to your friends and uncles (and even grandmothers if they are still in a living situation).

And, do not think to go to constabulary, which they cannot possible downtrack me.  And consider not friends for helping, who may sophisticate computers, and even hacking, and believe they can get me.  I am filled with ungettability!  

And also do not think to try to make a negotiations.  All this is in complete unnegotiatableness and I will be thanking you not to be wasting my time or even your time with beggings or threatenings or backdoor opening tryings.

I want to hope that it will be a pleasure in making business with you.

Yours sincerely,

(Surely, you can not be imagining that I would be giving you my actuality name.  So, I will just ask you to think of me as “Donald Duck,” which will be the name you will be understanding is actually me if your actions are necessarying farther communications.)