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Once upon a time, in what one might have wished were a mythical land, a prominent official and her family went out for Sunday dinner at a local restaurant.

Shortly after they were seated, the owner, at the instigation of restaurant staff, asked their guest, and family, to leave:

imagesIs it because I’m African-American? the official asked.

No, no at all, the owner responded.  I had no idea that was the case and, not only because of the law, but out of my own personal values, would never engage in or condone that kind of discrimination.

That is admirable, the official commented.  So, your request must be based on the fact that I am a Muslim!?

Oh no, never.  I believe that religious freedom and tolerance applies to all — Muslims, Jews, Christians, Hindus — and, even if that were not the case, there are laws that, as the owner of a business, open to the public, I must obey.

So, it must be that I’m a lesbian!?

Goodness no, I’m a strong supporter of LGBTQ rights.  I even marched in the Pride Parade this past weekend.  I would never …

So, the fact that my partner is a trans-gender former female has no bearing?

None at all.

Nor, presumably, our adopted daughter’s Asian ethnicity?

No, I celebrate ethnic diversity.  I have many Asian friends.

Nor our adopted son’s multiple sclerosis?

I empathize with him and, in fact, you’ll notice that our wheelchair ramp is fully ADA-compliant.

So, am I to conclude that your action — which you admit you would consider immoral, and which would, in fact, be illegal if based on any of the above conditions — is political?

Well, really, it’s my staff who object.

And they, rather than you, the owner, are the ones who establish restaurant policy?

Well, they would have refused to serve you, so I am simply trying to make the situation as bearable as possible.

So, you are a coward.  Are you also a Democrat?

I am.

And, as a Democrat, you presumably consider yourself a liberal.

I do.

And is it a tenet of liberals that those who do not share liberal values should be subjected toimages-1 the same kind of treatment that blacks, other non-Caucasians, non-Christians, homosexuals, and the handicapped were once subjected to?

Well … but aren’t you and your policies based on the same kind of hatred?

At least we’re honest.  But, thank you for your admission.  And thank you, too, for saving us from any more of your delusional self-righteousness.

(The official and her family left without further incident.  The owner and staff took note of the fact that she did NOT leave a tip … the bitch!)