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Unknown1. Take a large slab of economy, pound vigorously until soft. With a very sharp knife, divide into two segments — two-thirds/one-third. Set aside the two-thirds segment (see below at **), dice the remaining one-third into very small pieces, sear them to a crisp in a very hot skillet, and put into a pot. In roughly equal amounts, add academic failure, ethnic tension, job loss, race hatred, and religious bigotry. According to taste, sprinkle in fear, rumor, loathing, ignorance, innuendo, incitement. Cook slowly, stirring energetically until the mixture bubbles. Maintain at this heat, stirring occasionally. When not stirring the pot, keep the lid on tight. Sample regularly until desired taste is achieved. Serves millions (however, individual portions may be very very small).  

** Gently cut the remaining two-thirds segment into silver-platter-size portions. Carefully barbecue over a mesquite fire, et voila, you have ‘La Part du Lion.’ Goes especially well with anything that sounds French. Serves a select few. Bon appetit!

Additional Notes: Fascist Stew, in one form or another, goes back to pre-history, among clans, tribes, and sects. The currently popular recipe was perfected by German and Italian chefs in the early-mid 20th century, and given a uniquely American savor in the post-Civil War South. In recent decades, it slipped in popularity, but has returned to favor in America, the Middle East, and even Europe (especially Russia). History suggests it will continue this cycle until the human era comes to an end.

2. Looked at slightly differently, there are a number of other ways to make a genuine Fascist stew, if not quite burst into flame:

Let women vote.

Elect an African-American President.

Hug a Mexican in public. Hug a Muslim in public. Hug a Mexican Muslim in public.

Buy anything made in China.

Hug an IRS official in public.images

Elect a woman President.