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UnknownWon’t you be mine
Oh Valentine
Please say you will
Or I’ll be ill.
I’m praying you’ll say
You possibly may
Though, given my luck,
I’ll simply upchuck.
The problem with fleas
And the pop in my knees
All are in check
So …. what the heck.
Look and you’ll see
I’m now dander-free
I’m cute and I’m well
So …. what the hell.
I lie here and wait
Unsure of my fate
Equal parts, hope
Equal parts, mope.   
images-3Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
And, hoping for at least a text,
I waited longer than I should
Besnowed, besleeted where I stood
Becalmed, bereft and mildly vexed.
You could at least have let me know;
You had the time to send a tweet
I’m there accumulating snow
It’s nearing twenty-one below
And I can’t even feel my feet!
But as my rose (for you) drooped dead
A car approached with welcome news
Its ermined driver, smiling, said
“Seems you could use a nice warm bed.”
An offer I could not refuse! 
images-4When I think of the effort put into my verse
And the money I spend on you out of my purse
For fine TV dinners
And sure Lotto winners
I expect something better … or at least nothing worse.